Hello, I’m Bernd. I’m an entrepreneur, small business owner and System Administrator, living in Romania. I have over 20 years experience in hosting, domain names, mail services, ControlPanels, customer support and linux system administration.

1999 I created the service Everymail.Net (the story of Everymail.net can be found here), 2001 I started with a hosting company in Austria, emerion Webhosting GmbH. We were one of the first hosters having a self programmed ControlPanel.

In 2015 I sold emerion Webhosting GmbH to Anexia Internetdienstleistungen GmbH and 2017 I created a new hosting company, VIRTEXXA Cloud Services SRL in Romania.

VIRTEXXA operates different brands, also Everymail.Net is a brand from VIRTEXXA now. The most popular brand is ihost24 – a romanian web hosting brand. ihost24 offers more than 600 TLDs, also with the possibility for a multi year registration. The speciality at ihost24 is, that we pass on the offers of the registries of the individual TLDs and so ihost24 has a lot of TLDs as promotions every month.

ihost24 is extremely reliable maintaining domain names, our systems are built to manage domain names stable and secure. We also operate our own nameservers as anycast nameservers and they are on a different continents in different datacenters.

VIRTEXXA itself offers also managed hosting for customers, where we operate complete systems for our customers based on their needs. For example, we have a fast food chain as a customer, which offers a mobile phone game to their users. They send out push messages for marketing purposes and about 800.000 clients are clicking at the same time to play the game. We operate the infrastructure for this game, and even if such a huge amount of clients access the game simultaneously, the system can handle it smooth and fast.

Beside our shared hosting we realize many custom tailored systems for our clients with different challenges.

More about me can also be found on LinkedIn and on Twitter.

Further Activities

Former member of the board of ISPA Austria, Member of the domain name council of nic.at, former member of the nic.at Roundtable (Registrars) 


If you like to get in contact with me directly, please fill out this form. Please be patient, I will answer you, even if it takes some time.